The "Drawing Branches" art installation was unveiled Friday in celebration of the one-year anniversary of Victoria's James Bay Library.

Artist-in-residence Luke Ramsey hosted drop-in drawing sessions with local youth and together they created and shaped a collage of drawings into the artwork.

“It’s based on this idea that libraries are branches and branches are connected to a tree and it’s like a collective cohesion," said Ramsey. "The reason that they're floating is that they have this sense of play and movement and in between those shapes is a sense of possibility."

Ramsey told community members and students from South Park Elementary of a special moment in his life when he was in Grade 5 and involved with a poster contest for a library.

He won the contest and the teacher laminated his poster and put it up in the library.

“It really meant a lot to me for the teacher to believe in a young kid like me because it made me care about my art, he said. "It changed everything for me."