The Victoria Police Department says it will honour the wishes of the city's pride society by having its officers not walking in uniform at the annual pride parade.

The department says the decision is meant to foster trust and build mutual understanding between officers and members of the LGBTQ community.

It says the pride society's decision to only allow non-uniformed officers to participate in the parade on Sunday came out of an ongoing discussion with the pride society.

The department says it's happy to participate in the event to show its support for members of marginalized communities. 



GVPDAC statement on #yyj 2019 Pride Parade: "In the spirit of GVPDAC’s goals, we’ve worked together w @VictoriaPride to find a solution that allows us to show support for those we serve & work alongside that will also work to meet the needs of all." | https://t.co/cis4DyOaaq

— Victoria Police (@vicpdcanada) July 3, 2019