A Windsor retailer is releasing a limited edition shirt ahead of schedule after a visit by "The Simpsons" to the Rose City.

Ayad Saddy put "The Simpsons"-themed shirt on sale at his B.B. Branded store at Devonshire Mall on Wednesday.

The store owner was originally going to release the shirt as part of a 90's theme later this month.

But Saddy could not resist after Marge and Lisa Simpson paid a visit to Windsor on last weekend's episode of the popular Fox TV show.

“We were waiting for May 19th and this happens,” says Saddy. ”Timing is everything. This turned out to be the teaser for 519 day. Whoever gets here first gets first dibs on them.”

Sunday night’s Canadian-themed episode features shots of Windsor, when Lisa Simpson ends up living in the city after a trip to a hospital.

The Windsor riverfront is shown from the Ambassador Bridge and viewers can also see Lisa sitting in Windsor overlooking the Detroit River.

Marge Simpson also crosses the Ambassador Bridge into Windsor in the trunk of a car.

Saddy is also going to release Seinfeld and Friends themed shirts during his annual 519 event at the store on May 19.