There is a proposal that would extend transit service from Windsor to three communities in Essex County.

The proposal calls for Transit Windsor to operate a bus to Leamington six days a week, with stops in Kingsville and Essex.

Under the plan, one bus would make three roundtrips a day, five days a week – one in the morning, one midday and a final trip during the late afternoon. Two trips would be scheduled on Saturday’s.

“We think it’s a win-win,” says Windsor mayor Drew Dilkens.

The proposal will go before the city’s Environment, Transportation Standing Committee next week before going to city council for final approval.

Dilkens says if approved, the service could start in July as part of a 45-month pilot project.

The plan was developed after Leamington received a provincial grant of more than $600,000 earlier this year to create a transit link between the town and Windsor.

“It’s the ability to move workers from the city this way and vice versa,” says Leamington mayor Hilda MacDonald. “The ability to move students from the county to the city. The ability to move people who are looking for healthcare, even shopping.”

“It builds on the regional system which is something we've been working on for quite some time,” adds Dilkens. “We've got great co-operation from our partnership with Leamington, Essex and Kingsville.”

MacDonald says their funding ends in 2023, but she feels that is enough time to see if regional transit is sustainable.

Essex County Warden Gary McNamara says they have to see if the new service attracts a large response before deciding whether to continue with regional transit.

The ride would cost $10 one way or $15 roundtrip.

According to Transit Windsor, riders would be able to transfer to a connecting bus at no extra cost.