The owner of a fast food restaurant in Longueuil has just been ordered by the Human Rights Tribunal to pay $26,000 to a former waitress for the sexual remarks and gestures he had made to her.

The woman was 18 years old when she began the job in 2011.

According to evidence heard by the tribunal, her boss told her repeatedly that she was “beautiful and sexy,” and that if she wanted to have a pay raise, she knew what she had to do to get it. He had also suggested several times to take her on a $1,000 limousine ride, alcohol provided. He brushed her breasts while showing her how to cut vegetables and asked her why her partner could have sex with her and not him.

An employee of another nearby business testified before the tribunal that she noticed the sexual innuendo made by the owner to the young woman, and that it made her uncomfortable. She said she also received an invitation to take a limo ride. She also saw the boss clearly touch the buttocks of the young waitress while she cleaned the oven.

In front of the court, the restaurant owner did not deny that he’d made sexual comments, but claimed that he just wanted to look cool, that he had ‘Don Juan syndrome,’ and that he was extrovert. He also partly attributed his behaviour to cocaine use and assured the tribunal that he had since changed his ways.

The tribunal also had access to comments he made on Facebook in 2012.