Sweet Escape Summer - Where we will be this week!

Throughout the entire summer our Peterborough KIA Soul Summer Cruiser will be visiting 100's of locations.  This week we will be at:

Saturday August 12th

8am – 10am: Peterborough KIA

11am – 1pm: Sunblockers Lakefield

2pm – 4pm: Lockside Trading Company

5:30pm – 8pm: Peterborough Musicfest

Sunday August 13th

10am – 1pm: Pickering Market

Wednesday August 16th

11am – 1pm: Sunblockers Lakefield

2pm – 4pm: Heming Lawn and garden

Thursday August 17th

10am – Noon: Peterborough KIA

1pm – 3pm: Tripps Auto Recycling

Friday August 18th

8am – 10am: Adventure Outfitters

11am – 1pm: Peterborough Landscape Supply

3pm – 5pm: Wild Water and Wheels

Saturday August 19th

10am – Noon: Paws – A _ Palooza – Burnham Mansion Vet Services

1pm – 3pm: Lockside Trading Company

Wednesday August 23rd

11am – 1pm: Adventure Outfitters

2pm – 4pm: Wild Water and Wheels