Ariana Grande Fans Are Sour About Lemon Attack

Social media has soured on the alleged Beyoncé fan who hurled a lemon at Ariana Grande during her Coachella performance on Sunday night.

Grande was hit by the airborne citrus fruit while performing a medley of “Right There” and “Break Your Heart Right Back.” Video shows the lemon hitting the singer’s chest.

“One of y’all threw a lemon at me, s**t,” Grande said.

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The lemon tosser hasn’t been identified but it’s believed he or she was protesting a rumour that Grande was paid twice as much – $8 million U.S. – as last year’s headliner Beyoncé. (The lemon, of course, references Bey’s album Lemonade.)

According to multiple reports, though, both artists were paid the same amount for their Coachella appearances.

"If you throw a lemon at Ariana Grande, you’re a piece of s**t," tweeted singer FINNEAS.

Here are some more reactions: