Anastasia & Dragan

City: Oakville 

Status: Dating

Why are you crazy in love? Dragan and I are crazy in love because we complement each other perfectly. While no couple is perfect, we accept each other?s flaws because that?s what love is really about. We didn?t grow to love each other, we were truly meant for each other. Dragan is the Christina Yang to my Meredith Grey. On my worst day, I can count on him to bring me back to reality. No matter what, he is my person. Spending time with him is makes me feel complete. We make each other laugh like no one has ever seen. Because we are both in university, it is difficult to see each other every day. But when we are finally together, we make the most of what we have like it is the last time we will ever each other. We love each other because we are not afraid to say what?s on our mind. Our ability to debate and disagree makes us excellent compromisers for each other. While this may sound corny, I couldn?t spend my life without him.