Andrew + Sharon

City:  Burlington

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? Almost 25 years after I first laid eyes on that knockout blonde at our office Christmas party, I?m still crazy in love with her. It?s not the same crazy as we had when we first met, it?s better. You don?t build a lifetime on the butterflies-and-tingles alone; that would be like having ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Yummy but not built to last.

We?ve lasted because of love. Sharon and I have been through a lot on our journey -- bumps in the road, detours, traffic jams ? and we?re stronger now than ever. 

Today I feel as close to her as the day I married her. I love doing little things for her: breakfast in bed, picking up flowers with the groceries, making her laugh uncontrollably. And the flipside is true too: I miss her when we?re not together, when I travel and she?s not there, when something cool happens and I can?t share it with her. 

We?re both older, yes, but wiser, smarter, more patient. And Sharon can still rock a tight pair of jeans and clingy top?