Anthony + Marie

City: Niagara Falls

Status: Dating

Why are you crazy in love? Hi, my name is Anthony and I want to tell you why I'm CRAZY in love. 
Marie... she's not just any girl. She's not just any person, really. She is it. She is everything. I've heard stories of people finding that one person that they were so called "meant" to be with. A "soul mate". I never really bought that whole idea before I met Marie. Now it's different. We've been together for quite some time now and I still can't stop thinking about her. I still get butterflies when I finally get to see her after work. I still feel like it's the first time we met. Marie is extremely beautiful, I mean, she's absolutely stunning but surprisingly I find myself staring at her all the time and it's not always because she looks gorgeous in that dress or because her hair is perfect. There's something else and I don't even know how to properly describe it. It's as if she has an aura around her that makes you look and think "this girl can't be real. She must be some sort of angel". Marie is love.