Brad + Robyn

City: St. Davids

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? We are not just crazy in love, we are destined to be in each others lives!

We first met when she transferred to my public school (just a few years ago!) she was cute and nice and we instantly became friends.Over the next few years through various circumstances we were in and out of each others lives more than five times. Our attraction to each other was undeniable especially after our last encounter where we ran into each other at a bar while out with friends. I was heading to the bar when I spotted her on the dance floor, she turned and our eyes met, we knew at that moment we would be together once again. As it turns out, our lives were finally in alignment. We were married within a year of that night and haven't been apart more than a weekend in 15 wonderful years.

We were blessed to enjoy our honeymoon at a Sandals resort, I was hoping to be able to take her back to a Sandals for our 15th anniversary, she certainly deserves it!

LYM Babe!