Christine + Warren

City:  Niagara Falls

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? "We were so young when we met. (I was 15 & he was 17).   For me, It was Love at first sight.
It's amazing that almost 33 yrs has passed since we first laid our eyes on each other & the years have just flown by.  As I look into the future, I truly can't imagine my life without him. He is my rock and I love him unconditionally. 
He makes so many sacrifices for our little family and continues to love me at my worst and my best - I love him for that! 
We have spent more than half our lifetime together, growing & loving one another.  It has been an amazing journey thus far & we are still  learning as we go.  GOD continues to bless our Marriage in every way imaginable!!
I am truly blessed already in so many ways, but mostly because he came into my life.  We continue to dream of our distant future together; watching many sunsets and just being Crazier In Love! 
As the saying goes " Everyday is like Valentine's Day when your in the right Relationship" 
and it's easy when your Crazy In Love!