Cornelia + Ed

City:  St. Catharines 

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? We have known each other for almost 57 years and married for 43 1/2 of those. Ed will tell you he fell in love with the brown eyed girl the first time we met - he was 8 and I was 5. Me not so much as we had just immigrated and everything was new and strange. He was quite shy so did not speak to me till the summer I was 15 and I went away. We wrote each other and when I got back we started dating. 3 years later we were married and are more in love now than we were then. We have been blessed with 4 children also all happily married at least 16 years and they have given us 21 wonderful grandchildren!! The question is often asked "how do you know if it's the person you're supposed to marry?" My answer is "when you know you can't live without them!" And that's how we feel about each other. The picture is a selfie on the beach in Florida last October. It was to be the only walk we would get in what was supposed to be a 14 day stay but hurricane Matthew chased us home after only 2 days.