Diane + Giuseppe

City:  New Tecumseth

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love?  "Having my first husband pass away at such a young age, I just never knew what life would be like. Then one day out of no where, a stranger to me, started messaging me. Low and behold after a few dates it was instant, my soulmate, a surreal feeling that brought so much light into my life. 
And that day soon arrived where I read this in a beautiful gold picture frame:
The Day I Laid Eyes On You, I Knew It Was You
So Surreal, You Are My Soulmate
Nothing I Ever Have Felt Before, So True
You Are My Destiny, You Are My Fate
I Can't Live Without You In My Life
My Life Is Complete With You
Eyes Open Or Closed, You Are All I see
Forever Till Eternity.....
I Want To Live My Life With You
Will You Marry Me....
I am so grateful for having met him and having him as my husband..."