Elizabeth & John

City: St. Catharines

Status: Common

Why are you crazy in love? Who could not be crazy in love with a man who falls in love with a single mom of 4 children and then creates a larger family having 2 more children with her? Over the last 13 years, John and I have developed a mutual love for each other and our lives together raising 6 beautiful children. The strength of our love has brought us through many a trying time and ensured we kept the priority of each other first at hand. Although we have tried to enrich our children's lives with educational and nature focused down (vacation) time, John and I have never had a real one on one time away with each other. We both work hard and spend on life necessities and our talented children which leaves very little for the pleasures of spending on each other. This trip would give us the opportunity to help us rejuvenate our loving relationship to keep us going for another 13 years and more !