George + Saundra

City:  Thorold

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? I met my soul mate back in high-school, she was prim and proper and I was all about sex drugs and rock and roll, Saundra didn't want anything to do with me I asked her out repeatedly and was always turned down. Jump ahead 21 tears and we find ourselves re-united a year later we date and 18 years later this past May 13th we were married in the oldest church (Methodist) in north America actually across the street from where we live. This women is the best thing that could have happen to me or anyone that is fortunate enough to know her, always positive, smiling and kindest person you'll ever meet, can't really put it in words. We don't really look like our photo I'm technically challenged kinda like Hodge.  We didn't go on honey moon yet we've been talking about going on an all inclusive resort listening to you guys every year talking about it just haven't saved up enough yet.