Grace + Danny

City: Oakville

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? Danny and I met in high school at 16 at a Valentine's Day dance. We dated and things turned for the scary very quickly.Iwas 18 when I first found out I was going to be a mother.Danny and I broke up.Fast forward a few years later when I met Amo.A year and a half later we got married and shortly after I gave birth to anotherl baby girl. At the age of 31 I gave birth to another baby girl.Life was good But it didn?t last.Six month later My husband was in a fatal accident.During the funeral danny had made a promise to Amo that he would always be there for his children.This was unknown to me at the time.As my heart healed I began to take steps to gain the courage tolove again.Danny and i had become great friends.Some time later our friendship led to love again.Danny never imagined that the promise to take care of Amos children would have resulted in a reunion with his first love.In 2006,Danny and I were married.This year we will be celebrating 11 years of marriage!