Hannah & Reed

City: St. Catharines

Status: Dating

Why are you crazy in love? I still remember the first time I met Reed in the back football field at our high school back in grade 9. Id hoped he'd noticed me and he did. A few days later I got a message telling me that he wanted to get to know me, from there we talked every single day from morning to night, he was so sweet, eventually he asked me out and he was my first boyfriend. After about a month we just grew apart. 3 years later, in grade 12 we found eachother again. We became so close making up for the lost time we'd wasted and we've been together ever since. He's my high school sweetheart, my bestfriend, and my soulmate. I'm so lucky that we found eachother after all that time and I was able to experience my senior year of high school with him by my side. I got to take my bestfriend to prom and graduate alongside him. In September we'll both be going to college and we've never experienced a trip together so it would be amazing to get away before the stress of college kicks in.