Jeff + Becky

City: Welland

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? Today she is my wife of 10 glorious years, mother to our two incredibly active children. Thirteen years ago she was the gorgeous blonde with the larger than life personality who sat at the desk at the end of the row in the call centre where we worked. I remember the first time she spoke to me. I walked past her desk with my head down, shy, not thinking she'd ever look at me pass. But to my shock she not only looked up but she said hello. Lucky for me I was eventually able to muster the ability to charm her. I've watched my wife work harder than imaginable to keep a lovely home, care for our children, work and complete college courses. I work shift work as an emergency dispatcher and that can be exhausting at times. Our daughter is a competitive dancer and our son plays travel hockey, that leaves little to no time or money left to spoil ourselves. I would love nothing more than to spoil the lady who has made my life so full and complete with an amazing trip which she so deserves.