Jim & Kelly

City: Niagara Falls

Status: Dating

Why are you crazy in love? Hi Hodgy Lori Camp and last but not least Tammy.my name is Jim and my crazy in lover is Kelly .
Crazy in love YES!! And also i am blessed from above . Kelly is wonderful .she is so beautiful inside and out.head to toe.
Her kind and caring ways day after day she is amazing to me and anyone lucky enough to know her. she is a very loving and giving person. I learn from her on how to be a better person and i show and tell her all the time how wonderful she truly is.I cherish her and i want to give her all the happiness she so much deserves. Guys I want this trip so bad for her  She has been through alot the past few years and has remained so resilient. this would be our trip of a lifetime and would mean the alot to us . I love her bigtime and she loves me and we will bring the love to Jamaica .she is a blessing .modest and magnificent and im the luckiest guy because of her.