Josephine & Maher

City: Niagara Falls

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? My mother, Josephine, was born in Welland, Canada and did not meet my father until he moved from Kuwait about 30 years ago to study in Ottawa. Coincidently, my mother just happened to be there as well completing a co-op program she was enrolled in, & stayed at the YMCA there, which is also where my father happened to be staying. He barely spoke English, and she probably didn't know what language he was fluent in either, but perhaps her Italian cooking was more than enough to enchant him. On July 21st, 1990, they got married & moved to Toronto. My parents always tell us stories of how broke they were at the time, but how happy they were with what they had, & how they used to go to houses for sale, dreaming about having their own one day. They eventually moved to Kuwait to work, and 17 years later, they finally saved up enough money to buy their ?Dream House?. Although they?ve demonstrated how hard love can get, they?ve also shown how supporting each other can get them through anything.