Lara + Matthew

City: Waterloo

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? Matthew is my best friend in the whole world. Six years of marriage and my heart still beats faster when I know he's coming home. He makes me laugh all the time. Most evening when we go to bed we lie there making jokes and laughing so hard we're worried we'll wake up the kids. When we were married for two years, on our anniversary he presented me with two journals. When I opened them up and started reading I found that he had written me a love letter every day for an entire year. 365 love letters for me. In that time we had had our first child, lost a family member and bought our first home -- all documented in these love letters. Words cannot express how much that meant to me and how in love I am with him. After we had our second child, she began to have seizures at 6 months and I fell apart with worry and fear. He was my rock. He was always positive and strong. She stopped having seizures and is fine and he remains the rock of our family. I am so in love and want to show him how much