Lisa & Jeff

City: St. Catharines

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? Geoff and I have been married 27 yrs.  Aside from juggling careers and children, dealing with elder care and just life in general, we have also had to deal with my severe depression.  Going off work and changing drastically who I was from a chemical imbalance changed all our lives.  It has not been an easy ride for Geoff, our daughters and myself.  What made me stronger and able to deal and accept the changes was Geoff.  He supported me, loved me, and believed in me.  Many marriages do not survive this but ours did because the love we had for each on our wedding day is still there and we work best in supporting each thru thick and thin.  We all face challenges but to stay married, always work at it, and know who you are with will always be there makes the world of difference each and every day. Our love makes our world better for each other.