Mandi & Shawn

City: Fonthill

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? From the first day we knew each other we decided to say to one and other I love you or hug each other everyday. Due to my profession as a nurse, we would never have the regret of not telling each other how we feel.  My husband has never been one to bring home flowerers on the spur of the moment nor a big gift giver, however this year was an exception.  On our 25th anniversary I received a watch and a homemade card with the picture I have attached and a hand written note stating "thanks for hanging out within me the past 25 years",  The watch was great, however the handmade card was what brought tears to my eyes.  It put my dollar store card and no gift to shame.  Therefore this vacation would redeem me for my cheap no gift  25th anniversary celebration.