Michael + Carmen

City:  Niagara-On-The-Lake

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? I few years ago I was just another happily single guy raising a young daughter.  Then one evening I was sitting in my office after work when I heard a soft voice calling hello from down the hallway.  I work in a secure building and knew that all of my staff had left.  I turned to find that this voice belonged to a beautiful woman who explained that this was her first day working at this office. Like a total idiot, I immediately responded by asking her how she had gotten into the building.  After she identified the unlocked "security" door I directed her to the staff lounge where she could wait for her supervisor to arrive. Returning to my office; I remarked to my co-worker that "if I had known a beautiful woman would walk through that dam door I would have left it unlocked years ago."  Despite my best efforts she barley spoke to me for 6 months. Then I got a e-mail message as she was preparing to leave for another job that simply said "Hi".  The attached photo explains the rest!!!!!!