Patti + Ted

City: St. Catharines

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? It has been an amazing journey with my husband. We met and within several dates, we bought a home and married the following year. Raising three children together has tested our love, patience and sense of humour, but through the years the intensity of our love has always grown. The past three years have challenged us the most to believe in what we share together. Oue grandson was born with significant heart problems and required surgery within the first week of his life. Watching my husbands tears fall softly onto our grandsons tiny body, my love for him grew immeasurably, for I saw strength in him like never before. With my own illness the next year, Wethought our testing period was over. July 2015 was our 25th wedding anniversary, however we couldn't celebrate because 3 days earlier we suffered a house fire and lost everything, including our beloved dog Frankie. The year to follow was difficult but we came to realize that we have everything we will ever need, just us, crazy in love.