Rocchina & Chris

City: St. Catharines

Status: Common

Why are you crazy in love? So I seen this girl years ago at work ,for me it was her smile and more so on her personality.
It wasn't because other people looked at her different it was how she still stayed the same on the inside and showed it on the outside. She came from being overweight and the struggles she did not show on the inside but she still had a great smile and her curves were as some girls might have thought or society that she was over weight .
But as years past she wanted to show to herself she could do this losing weight by herself as I stood back and watched the whole thing unfold she became the same person on the inside but she felt more confident.
As I tried to keep around her because the person she stands for she had a thick skin to push me away .
But as she grew more confident about her and I was still popping up in front of her she finally gave me a chance.
We have known each other for more then 8 yes but finally started to date for the past year.
It's her story not mine,LOVEHER