Rosemarie + Bill

City: Niagara Falls

Status: Dating

Why are you crazy in love? Bill and I met last year (Believe it or not on an on-line dating website for old people-LOL) I was a few years being separated and having only ever dated 2 men in my entire life.  Bill was a widower for 4 years.  We are so crazy about each other because we have so much in common...I have family who live with me (ex's sister and husband and my son and grandson) and Bill had family living with him in and out over the years.  This meant that he had a big heart.  We love to ride our motorcycles and took our first trip together to Sturgis this year with 5 other couples. We survived that trip so we thought we might as well keep going.  The most important thing is that he makes me laugh..and laugh..and hard that he starts laughing and can't stop until we both have tears in our eyes.  We would love to share come more craze time together  at Sandals South Coast Jamaica.