Ryan + Ashley

City: Bowmanville

Status: Engaged

Why are you crazy in love? This is one of the first pictures taken of us together, but will always be one of my favourites. It was at this moment, I knew I wanted to marry Ash. We'd been together only a few months at this point, but we'd already begun to tackle renovating an entire house and to build our first home together. My favourite thing about us is that we've learned to choose laughter over anything else. When faced with a set-back or challenge, we've always tried to find the silver lining whenever we can. I've never had that with anyone else and it's part of the reason I believe this will last 'til death do us part'. She's positive and calming when I need it most,  more nurturing than anyone I've known, and I'd love to surprise her with this trip to Jamaica as a thank you for all she's sacrificed to make our renovation dreams come true - especially since we won't be planning a honeymoon after our wedding. She deserves it. Thank you.