Adrienne + Darren

City: Port Colborne 

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love?Darren and I met 25 years ago on Nickel Beach where I was instantly attracted to his tan, ripped abs, hat on backwards and very cute butt!  My friends and I needed a ride home because the one friend's boyfriend couldn't get his van going.  Needless to say we have been together ever since.  Despite the brief 'break-ups' for 20 minutes or so we have always managed to keep the flame alive.  Like most relationships (and life) there are curve balls that you just don't see coming but through thick and thin and financially trying times the only thing that keeps us alive is the love and passion we still have for one another and of course our wonderful kids!!  Darren works retail and their busy time will start to ramp up in Spring and will fortunately keep going until the Fall so a mid winter get away would be AMAZING and we are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this August!!  Thank you 105.7 and the morning crew, I listen to you guys every morning :)