Annaleza + Brandon

City: Niagara Falls

Status: Dating

Why are you crazy in love? We met in grade 8 at my elementary school. From the beginning Brandon always had a crush on me and would ask me to go out. But at that time I was too young and didn't understand the concept of love or even dating. As time passed we became closer and closer friends. Until one day when we were in grade 12 I realized how much I liked him. I knew he always had feelings for me so I decided to tell him one night when we were out for coffee. And after all those years of me pushing him away, he still wanted to be with me. After that we began our relationship. His mom became sick with cancer shortly after and I could feel the stress he was under. He didn't really know how to handle a girlfriend and the stress he was going through with his mom. We ended up drifting apart. After 3 months we found eachother again. October 2015, we got back together and knew it was forever. I knew I was crazy in love when I lost him and knew I needed him. I'm crazy in love because he's my boyfriend and bestfriend.