Carrie + Sean

City: Welland

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? My husband Sean has been my love since we we're 19.95 he brought me to my high school prom, in 97 he proposed to me at in Disney World at Cinderella's castle where I of course said Yes!Then 2 years later he made dreams come true with a Cinderella Theme wedding.We then bought a house in Welland and through the years have 2 wonderful children.But during this time our lives have not been without death,sickness but most of all we have Love.I was diagnose with MS in 02,but my husband has stuck with me and takes care of me when I can't take care of myself,along with a fulltime job,kids and a house to take care of.In 2009 his brother MCpl Scott Vernelli was killed in action in Afghanistan.Our lives changed as we knew it.  An obstacle that made us stronger as a couple in every way.He then lost his father a short while after.But in the past couple of months has been Crazy.He was hospitalized for Bacteria Menigitis  and we almost lost him.Surgery will be next week to fix this.