Elaine & Tim

City: St. Catharines

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? I am very thankful to say that we will celebrate 12 years together this August.  It's been a lot of ups and downs in our years together, as most relationships do have.  Through it all though we have stayed strong and true to each other.  I think the reason we have made it through everything we have is because we made a choice each day to choose one another which is hard and crazy sometimes because it's easy to just think about yourself! That's what love is though, putting each other first and giving all you have to each other.   This is why we are still  crazy in love.  I think every couple deserves a break and time away together to refresh and continue to build a strong relationship.  For Tim and I, this trip would be a wonderful time for us to reflect on life we have shared, rejoice  in how far we have come together, and to make new memories and grow in our love!  Thank you for this opportunity!