Joanna + Don

City: Burlington

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? I married my husband at 24 & it almost from the day we were married I got sick with various things (headaches, abdominal pain, back pain) & after many years I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease & had several surgeries. I can no longer work full-time but he has never made me feel guilty about that. My husband has always been by my side & able to make me laugh even through the tears. Literally some days he would come see me at the hospital before work & then go to work all day & come back to see me in the hospital at supper-time & stay all evening until he had to go home to bed. Everyone has their burden to bear & I don?t think our life is any harder than anyone else?s but I do think there is no-one who is more loving & devoted than my husband, Don! One blessing-they were unable to know if I could have kids but after many years we had a beautiful miracle daughter, an answer to our prayers. Don hates the winter & more than anything I would love to take him on a "blue sky" holiday!