Jodi + Tony

City: St. Catharines

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? 

"My husbands commitment and loyalty  to his kids just melts my heart. At the time when I meet my husband, he was just going through a divorce. He fought for his child so hard. He wasn't letting his child slip away from him. And I think at that time, that's when I knew I loved him.  His commitment and love to his son was indescribable.  He displayed love, unconditional love, loyalty and integrity. 
From then on he showed me what a family was. And what it meant to be a family.   He showed me his passion for a family.  His loyalty and trust he has for his family, defined the man he was. 
We've been together for 11 years only married 5 years and have a son together and the bond he shares with both his sons is incredible. He definitely shows me his passion for our family and his boys. We work together and learn from one another to make US work and OUR family work. 

And most days when I catch a glimpse of him with out him looking I think to myself. "Wow, I am lucky he is still HOT!" Lol."