Jon + Tara

City: St. Catharines 

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? Crazy doesn't begin to explain life for us or anyone else currently in our stage of life! We have 3 kids and both work full time. I commute daily to TO and travel frequently for work. My wife is a trooper and after a full 40 hour of work a week she makes sure that the kids are fed, healthy, happy, and get to all their many sporting events and gatherings each week. She really is a Saint! I know many parents in our stage of life feel like they are going absolutely Crazy Insane! But the one thing that keeps us together is that we are still Crazy In Love with each other and rely on the other to pick up the pieces when we feel like we just can't continue another minute. So yes, we are Crazy, and in Love, but would like a week to just reconnect and forget about Hockey practice, Basketball games, Gymnastics, Skating lessons, PTA meetings or any of the 80 different events happening each week. I wouldn't dream of having this journey with anyone else except you Tilly!