Kevin + Kristin

City: Niagara Falls

Status: Common Law

Why are you crazy in love? 

"We dated 23 years ago for a few months. Crazy in love, we were all over each other constantly but the distance between our two cities was too much at the time.

After later successfully stalking Kristin on social media, a few light conversations turned in to my tricking her into a dinner date so we could catch up. A month later, we found ourselves in a relationship again, but with more passion than we'd previously known. 

We moved in last summer to start building a beautiful home, where our families have fused effortlessly and surrounded us with love and support. Being young in our relationship, we've enjoyed many firsts together, and look forward to many more.

I knew I'd fall in love with her again and now every day feels like a dream come true. I'm going to marry her as fast as I can!"