Kim & Jon

City: Wellandport

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? We have been together for 30. Years and married for 26.  Being crazy in love has kept us together this long. We knew one another in high school and began to date the year i graduated.  We are a great team! We worked together to build everything we have. We have parented several children.  Two of our own and a few others. After 30 years we look forward to the parts of the day when we get to spend time together, even if its brief.  Making time for ourselves has always been a priority. Taking vacations and/or going on dates. Not a day goes by without telling one another "love you". One of the things we love most is the small things. Jon will bring me home my favorite magazine or i will bring home one of his favourite treats. When Jon asked my father for my hand in marriage my father responded by saying " as long as you take as good care of her as I have". Jon promised he would and he had kept his promise. Love him xo