Leanne + Craig

City: St. Catharines

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? Craig and I were introduced by our teenage daughters, who where best friends.  Our first blind date at The Lakehouse was amazing, we have been together ever since. Raising 3 teenage girls, who all live and study in different cities. Not to mention my husband works in Washington DC, he mails me a card every week, our one week together each month is treasured.  So we decided to elope after a 6 year engagement, in which he had my ring tied to our dogs collar for the proposal! We married our best friend on New Years Eve Day at our favorite spot< Port Dover, it was the most romantic, exciting,moment of our lives!! Not to mention having to find a witness walking down the street to witness our vows. She was an amazing compliment to our wedding!! We were so very lucky to find true love a second time around! Each time we see each other(every three weeks) we are happy to have found our true love.  Life is Good!!