Mary Jane + Brian

City: Niagara Falls

Status: Common Law

Why are you crazy in love? Brian and I met at a house party at Christmas on my 21st birthday. I was the babysitter for one of his buddies. When i walked in the room and saw him i cased the place to see if it looked like he was with anyone. When i saw he wasnt i went over and got his friend to intoduce us. I knew then that he was the one (as corny as that We saw each other from that point on. In february we were at a bar and someone asked if we were an item and i said i dont know go ask him and let me know..So she did and reported back saying he said yes. I was excited) This some point (cause i dont know day ) we will have been Dating 30 Years. Who can say We never found getting married despite what my father said because we knew that TIME is comittment not a piece of paper. We have proven that! Even his friends thought oh! MJ wont put up with his shit they wont last, BUT we did, longer then all of their marriages.We charish the moment we have  and never take it forgranted Crzy in <3