Patricia + John

City: Fonthill

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? This is a great question - what makes me crazy in love with my husband has lots to do with what he do for others. He's is just a terrific Dad, always putting our family first, whether it's making a backyard rink for our kids to skate or playing hockey/soccer/dollies/legos/with them in the basement or sitting beside them at the piano, my husband clearly puts his family first. He is clever and kind and still get a kick out of fart jokes! He is very supportive of all of us and makes time to be present in our lives. He supports all the crazy shenanigans that I sign-up for or sign him up for ;o) He volunteers for minor hockey and soccer and since I spend most of our Sunday mornings helping with various masses at Church he always manages to show up promptly so we can celebrate together as a family. Much of what he does for our family and our kids spills into the lives of families in our community and John is often recognized as a really terrific guy. How can I not be in love, he is love <3