Rachel & Harley

City: Toronto

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? Harley and I have been married for 9 years and friends for 10. With each day that passes, my love grows deeper. He's worked so hard the past 2 years to get his nursing licence and manage to hold a job at the same time. Although in his 30's, he bravely embarked on making our family's life better in a world full of college kids living at home rent free. He works tirelessly with the aging community, many whom are plagued with mental illness. His courage, kindness, compassion and self-sacrifice as he cares for many in end of life care, overwhelms me with pride. On December 4th I too suddenly lost someone dear to me-- my dear grandmother, who raised me since the age of 10 after my mother was tragically killed by my father. Not only did my husband write his final exam and pass the same week, he took care of me when I was inconsolable, helped me plan the funeral, and empty and move my grandmother's residence and items. I have a husband like no other. I'm definitely CRAZY IN LOVE!