Stephany & Marius

City: Fonthill

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? My husband and I have been through a roller coster of emotions for 8 yrs.  We suffer through infertility.  We had 4 miscarriages in three years and still no baby and yet he stood by my side.  Countless apts to the fertility doctor and we gave up - we have a beautiful 4 year old now.  Her delivery was awful and we almost died.   I'm still paying the price on it and have had two surgeries to correct the issue and I'm still waiting for the next surgery- yet he is still with me.   We tried again for another baby - many miscarriages again and failed ivfs- yet he still stayed by my side.  After our last round of ivf we gave up any idea to have another baby.  Two months later we are expecting - naturally.  We couldn't be more thrilled.  You see after 8 years of marriage and all the ups and downs we beat the odds.   Many men/women would leave/separate and yet we have so much love for each other that we became  stronger and more in love.  I  love my husband and wouldn't change the last 8 yrs.