Traecy + Jasvir

City: St. Catharines

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? Crazy in love has always meant fighting for exactly that...being crazy in love.  Limitations in culture and religion meant we should never come together.  For us it meant that we needed to show the world those things did not decide our love. Our two beautiful girls will become strong women knowing that true love is flowers just because, dance parties, pointing out unruly eyebrows-eek!, giving a random wet willy, taking a bite (just a small one!) out of your partner?s breakfast, and singing Happy Birthday in a bad octave; they?ve learned it means sacrifice, being there for each other, respecting each other?s cultures and traditions, and that true love is making it work.  Our friends will say our love story is the greatest of all time.  To us, our love story is who we are.  It is the reason for our deep appreciation and love, because our love story meant that we had to stand up for what we felt in our hearts and so?we are crazy in love.