Brenda + Dave

City: St. Catharines

Status: Engaged

Why are you crazy in love? Dave is the most  patient  man I have  every meet in my life, both have been through rough  relationships and marriages and I  was not looking for ANYTHING  I had know  him through  mutal friend and lost contact then about a year and half ago  I seen his profile and  left a a comment on it   he did not  know who I was a  I had different pic up so he  got his daughter to  snoop through me face book . We started to meet  for coffee and  lead to  dinners and  just  continued from  there . When I  got  really sick in August that man  did  everything possible for me MONEY WISE AND ALL  I was  very scared as  didn't  know what to expect and I say Dave was the most  loving partner I could of asked  fro  he never complained  when I lost my  marbles on him few times over  frustration and stress he just  stood by  my through it  all. Glad to say after  5 months of being  down I  am  up and back to almost normal lol if that is possible and thank god  every day for DAVE.