Ashlyn + Sarah

City: Arthur

Status: Engaged

Why are you crazy in love? Sarah and I met at the age of 16 in our foods class offered by our High School. It was a dry class that taught you how to set a table properly for a fancy dinner that we would probably never do but throughout that class we fell in love and it got a lot less boring. We have been together since then... 6.5 years to be exact! Sarah proposed to me last Christmas surrounded by family. We have endured so much in our young lives together and have come out on top! From growing up gay in a small town, unaccepting family members, crohn's diagnosis, job loss and just life in general! We have conquered it all and are prepared to conquer anything more that life throws at us as long as we are by each other's sides. I never grew up thinking that my life would turn out the way it has but there is no other way I would rather have it. Waking up and spending everyday with the woman that I love and look up to and appreciate for all she does is all I could ask for. We are crazy in love <3