Bobbie + Scott

"We are crazy in love , and best part of all we are High school sweethearts. We have know each other for 28 years 19 which we have been married and blessed with two amazing boys !  We are hockey partners and have put everything on hold for years while the boys had the best  Canadian experience of their lives playing travel hockey while we wouldn't trade it for the world it seems like every weekend away or travel plans were always made to go to tournaments here in Canada and the US and haven't really planned a vacation for just us . We have been through it all but have managed to keep it going strong  there is still a sprk and we are so proud that we made it through  it all !!!
We still make each other laugh and know what each other needs without saying a word and we have decided it's now our time , for a reconnect and for some romance and to clebebrate how the last 28 years have come about ! 
We are crazy kids in love and would love a getaway 
Thanks 105.7