Chris + Janice

City: St. Catharines

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? My wife of 17 plus years is crazy for being in love with me because I know I make her crazy.  Life always has its ups and downs with its moments of laughter and tears.  To be able to share these moments with Janice is what keeps me looking forward to what?s atoubd the next corner.  She makes me laugh, she is my support when needed.  From when we first started dating, it what always exciting to see what was next for us. Through our marriage together and our journey of building a family with now 2 teenagers, I know sometimes I bring Janice along with me in strange adventures that I don?t really think out....... but she is there by my side !  I love her for that, together we make i great team, she is strong minded, independent and reliable  for always making me laugh. I know I drive her crazy and I?m crazy in love with her that she puts up with me !