Christina + David

City: Port Colborne

Status: Dating

Why are you crazy in love? I came from an abusive relationship of 13 years.  Although it didn't define me I certainly needed helping finding my way back to being me. This amazing man came into my life 2.5 years ago and turned it upside down in the best possible way.  He supported me and gave me so much strength and calmness through my divorce, obtaining custody of my children and changing my business over from my married name to maiden name. He made me recognize my old self!  He made me smile again. He loves my children and family as his own and is always helping myself and anyone around him in anyway he can. He is the most supportive, loving, generous, handsome man I have ever met and I am so beyond blessed to have him. He loves me just as I am.....flaws and all. I wake up every morning and think what did I do right in life to have this man. He opens car doors, walks on the outside, he is a gentleman through and through. I could go on forever... He is one in a million... and I am so damn lucky :)