David + Catherine

City: Hamilton

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? I have always believed that you know you are in love when its really hard to describe what your feeling, you just can't find the words to say it just right. What I do know though is when I'm away from Catherine, she's always on my mind. I drive for a living and listen to music while driving. These special songs that we share always get me choked up and tears flowing. My days are often long, loud and chaotic, but at her touch, to hold her, to put our arms around each other, totally takes me to another world. I feel my breathing slowing down and becoming deeper, my heart rate drops and I'm over come by calm and comfort. I often catch myself watching her when we're in public. Her smile makes me weak and her soulful deep brown eyes are my playground. She's always willing to listen, to guide, to support. It often makes me wonder just how much you can really love someone. As our relationship has grown, it has become stronger and stronger and its intensity defies my ability to understand it.